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Super Cup 2014

Super Cup


Kingston, Jamaica – October 17, 2014- The teams in the inaugural LIME Super Cup have been placed in brackets which will determine the match-ups as the competition The two brackets are easy to follow. The following games (1- 4) have been placed in one side of the bracket: Denham Town vs. STETHS (1), Camperdown vs. Dinthill (2), Jamaica College vs. Cornwall College (3), Hydel high vs. Old Harbour high (4) have been placed on one side of the draw.

The winner of Game one(1) will play the winner of Game two ( 2) while the winner of three ( 3) will play the winner of four ( 4). The two winners of those games will then play in the semifinals, with the eventual winner advancing to the final and the loser playing for third place. Neither of those teams will meet any of the other teams in the second bracket until the final or third-place playoff.

In the other bracket, the following Games (5 - 8) have been placed together: Charlie Smith vs. Garvey Maceo (5), Holy Trinity vs. Clarendon College (6), Wolmer’s Boys vs. St James (7), St. George's College vs. Godfrey Stewart (8).

The format continues here with the winner of game five playing the winner of game six.

The winner of game seven will match up with the winner of game eight. The two winners will then play in the semifinals and the eventual victor playing in the final against the winner of the other bracket.

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