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Congratulations Walker Cup 2019 Champions St Catherine High

Walker Cup 2019

Held yearly with the top teams advancing from their respective groups within the Manning Cup competition.

The format was changed in 2018. The teams that did not advance from the second round of the Manning Cup will now compete for the Walker Cup KO Trophy.

The format was changed in 2018. The eight losers of the second round of the Manning Cup will now compete for the Walker Cup KO Trophy.

ROUND 1 - November 7, 2019

WC 1 9th place (St. Catherine) vs 13th place (Holy Trinity)
WC 2  10th place (Jonathan Grant) vs 14th place (Eltham)
WC 3 11th place (St. Jago) vs 15th place (Mona)
WC 4 12th place (Hydel) vs 16th place (Vauxhall)

Quarter-Finals - Nov. 15, 2019

WC5 Winner WC 1(St. Catherine) vs MC Group G 4th Place (Charlie Smith)
WC6 Winner WC 2 (Jonathan Grant) vs MC Group H 4th Place (XLCR)
WC7 Winner WC 3 (Mona) vs MC Group G 3rd Place (Camperdown)
WC8 Winner WC 4 (Hydel) vs MC Group H 3rd Place (St. George's College)

SEMI-FINALS - Thursday, November 19, 2019

WC SF1 Winner WC 5 vs Winner WC 8
WC SF2 Winner WC 6 vs Winner WC 7

FINALS - Thursday, November 30, 2019

WC F Winner WC SF1 vs. Winner WC SF2

Regular ISSA 2019 Football Rules apply


  1. The EIGHT losers of the second round two-way match ups will contest the WALKER CUP
  2. The competition is played on a KNOCK-OUT BASIS.
  3. Walker Cup competition shall run concurrently with the ALL - ISLAND KO, or as scheduled.
  4. All matches which end in a draw at the end of regulation time will be decided by a PENALTY SHOOT OUT. There will be NO EXTRA TIME
  5. All other rules of the Manning Cup competition apply.

Walker Cup Round 1
11-08-2019 1:00 PM
11-08-2019 3:00 PM

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Did you know?


  1. The FOUR TEAMS in both the Manning and Dacosta Cup Semi Finals will contest the ALL ISLAND KO Competition.

For more information, check out the ISSA competition rules right here on our website.